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The Cassette Company began in 2011 surrounded by the many outdoor arenas available in Idaho.  The idea was created within a local snowboard, skate shop and fisherman, where a serious need was identified. That need was for an optics company that provided reasonably priced products that still offered the styling and high-quality features customers expect to find when they buy over-priced sunglasses.

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Portion of our proceeds will go to Utah Division of Wildlife Resources for their Cutthroat conservation.   

Questions?  Hopefully I have the answer... well, at least I will try my best to answer them. The purpose of starting Wish4Fish was to spread knowledge and help others land more fish.  

Take a look at our W4F Store for gear to help you catch more fish as well as stylist on the water.



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Since 1975, HMH vises have been giving tyers years of dependable service, longer than any other brand. The original HMH vise revolutionized fly tying vise design and function. It incorporated components precision-machined from the highest quality materials, and included design features never before found together in a fly tying vise,   including 360-degree rotation, an exclusive disc drag rotary tension adjustment, and quick-change, hardened, interchangeable jaws. The individually-numbered Limited Edition Premium vise (now a collector's item) also incorporated an adjustable head angle so any hook could be set at the optimum level and angle.

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Field Pro for Douglas Outdoors


Paul Beel is a Orvis Fly Designer. His flies have appeared in Fly Fusion Magazine, Tail Magazine and North 40 Fly Shop Emag.  He is currently the main tier of all of Wish4Fish's original patterns 

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Blue Ridge Custom Flies.  

Adam Harman and Wish4Fish has collaborated with one of the best looking hopper patterns on the market!  The W4F Hip Hopper is beast of the water.  

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Ambassador of Ross Reels and Abel Reels.