Press, Exposure and Awards

We have been quickly gaining a lot of respect from the fly fishing community and my peers. Here are some of the places that I have been featured and accolades.

Featured Article on Orvis

Featured on Orvis News 3x

Featured on Orvis “The Tug” (2 Freshwater videos)

Featured on the Orvis Friday Fly-Fishing Film Festival 10x

Featured on Orvis YouTube channel

Featured on The Cassette Company website main page

First place in the 2017 Sweetwater Fly Shop video contest - winner of the Scott G2

First place in East Rosebuds Streamer Photo Contest (Photo #7) - winner of the Sage X

First place in the 2015 Sweetwater Fly Shop video contest - winner of Sage 4280

First place in the Rio Products Film Contest in Nov. and 3rd place in Dec. Which qualified 2 films into the Grand Finals
2nd Place in the Grand Finals of Rio Products Film Contest "Viewers Choice" Award.

Featured on Fish Fliez as “Top 8 Best Fly Fishing YouTube Channels

Featured on FrankenFly 6x

Interviewed by Fishin Prescription

Interviewed by Project Smokey Mountain Rebirth

Interviewed by Twig N Timber

Featured on The Venturing Angler

Grand Final Winner of the Rio Products Amateur Film Awards Viewers Choice for 2018

Featured on “Fly Fishing Consultant Podcast” The Fly Fishing Show I Edison NJ 2018

Interviewed on “Fly Fishing Culture with the Fish.Porn Crew” The Hub Episode 27 

Interviewed on Reelerz